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Personal training is available at Active 24 Fitness for anyone who wants to create a personalised gym experience and make the most of their gym time.

From beginners to professional gym-goers, anyone can avail of personal training services.

It’s in the name – “personal training” is customised to fit your fitness goals and designed to help you make the most of your fitness journey.

All of our personal trainers are qualified and ready to help you identify goals and create a plan of action to achieve those goals. Learn correct exercise techniques, nutrition guidance, lifestyle changes and gain confidence at the gym!

dumbbells on a rack at the gym

Let us help guide you through every aspect of your health and fitness journey


All of our courses are inclusive of a full personal training experience.

For some personal training will be a one-off session to look at nutrition, form or mobility.
For others, it will be a chance to continue with their own training while having the resources and knowledge of regular accountability check-ins.
For many, personal training will mean you need a little help with all of the above.

Let us help guide you through every aspect of your health and fitness journey

Each personal training programme will include a fitness assessment both pre-programme and post-programme. This test will include measurements, body fat percentage, and potentially various fitness tests (where applicable).

Nutrition guidance will also be provided throughout the course of their sessions.

All plans have a 12-week block in which they can be used (For example, a client booking 24 sessions may choose to book 2 sessions per week for the full 12 weeks or book 4 sessions per week for 3 weeks).

Sessions can be booked as often as is available with their trainer before they expire or all sessions within their programme are completed.


Once-Off Session

This is a single 1-1 session that can be spent however the client needs. It may be talking or refining nutrition, drilling form, and technique on a specific movement or just being there to get them through that day’s session.

Accountability Plan

This is for the client that already has a good handle on their own training and nutrition and is just looking for that extra push of having someone to be accountable to via weekly check-ins (Available in-person or via WhatsApp/Email)

Full Course of 1-1 Sessions

3, 6, 10, 16, 24 – Session Plans



Cillian Howard, personal trainer at active 24 fitness

I became interested in functional training and bodybuilding at about age 16, which quickly developed into a passion for health and fitness.

Not only will we achieve results together and have you feeling your best, but I will also empower you to take your health and fitness into your own hands.

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