Swimming Pool

Active 24 Fitness has numerous swimming pools. We also have a separate children’s pools and health suites which includes a Sauna, Steam Room, and Jacuzzi. Private or group swimming lessons are available for both adults and children. For non-swimmers and sports specific people – “aqua fit” classes are held each week. Open Mon-Fri from 6.30am – 10pm and Sat & Sun 8.00am – 10pm, Adults only after 8.00pm – Swim Hats are compulsory!

Aerobics Studio

Our purpose built aerobics halls offers a variety of classes to suit all levels of fitness for both men and women. During peak times it eliminates overcrowding while ensuring you get an excellent workout. We provide you with professional instruction and a safe, effective, well balanced and fun workout. Please consult the timetable for our current schedule.

Cardiovascular Area

Our gym is equipped with an impressive range of the latest cardiovascular and strength training equipment from Life fitness, including treadmills, bikes, recumbent bikes, steppers, cross aerobic and Concept II rowers, promoting maximum strength and fitness in a safe and pleasant way. Each piece of Cardiovascular machinery is designed to ensure a safe and effective way to develop aerobic fitness while conditioning the muscles.

Weights Area

The sleek Galileo range of strength training equipment by Cybex the world’s leading manufacturer of strength training equipment is an extraordinary achievement. Its excellent bio mechanics and innovative design, featuring converging axis technology, allows for a more natural motion, improving results by exercising the body the way it was designed to work.

Jacuzzi sauna & steamroom

Unwind in our Jacuzzi, Sauna and Steam room areas following a workout or as part of the weekend detox.

Personalised training programmes

Being a committed exerciser is probably 70% of the battle towards achieving health, fitness & performance of regular exercise but many exercise enthusiasts and athletes are still frustrated when they compare how much time they spend exercising each week against the meager fitness improvements they have seen over an extended period of time. Committing time to exercise is critical, but so is training smart. Getting a Personalised Training Programme and meeting one of our Fitness professionals who can update and change your workouts regularly, motivate you, give you up to date health & fitness information and keep you on target so that you can accomplish your health & fitness goals. A trainer keeps your workouts time efficient and results orientated by keeping them focused and planned and also by tracking your progress.Top 10 Reasons to use a Personalised Training Programme* You receive individualized programming for your body type and for your specific needs and goals.
* You experience unparalleled motivation and increased self-esteem.
* You can maximize your time with pre-planned workouts.
* You receive “cutting edge” information on training and nutrition.
* You learn safety and injury prevention.
* You will advance past plateaus.
* You receive professional guidance and expertise.
* You will be exposed to a variety of types of training to help your personal growth.
* There will be a progression of routines to keep your workouts fresh and interesting, designed for you and your lifestyle.
* You always have someone interested and concerned about your fitness and health.And the Big Bonus? It’s nice to have someone who cares about you, motivates you and is your ‘coach’! It’s great to have someone pat you on your back; it’s great to have someone looking out for your fitness and health.Our qualified instructors are constantly on hand to provide one-to-one assistance to help members attain their personal goals.