Active 24 Fitness & Leisure was Galway’s first 24-hour gym. Our members can enjoy full use of the gym all day and all night.

091-381250 The Connacht Hotel, Dublin Road, Galway H91K5DD Gym: 24-hours Swimming Pool: Mon - Fri: 6:30am - 10:00pm Swimming Pool: Sat & Sun: 8:00am - 10:00pm
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Cillian Howard

Personal Trainer

cillian howard

Cillian Howard

Personal Trainer

Why choose Personal Training?
Have you tried to get in shape before and failed to see results?
Are you unsure of what you should be doing in the gym?
Are you confused by all the conflicting advice on social media?
Do you lack motivation and feel like you need guidance and support?
Do you want to look and feel your best but have always found something standing in your way?

The fitness world can be very confusing, especially if you’re new to training. There is always someone trying to find the next quick fix, which can leave you moving from one approach to another and seeing very little progress as a result. Well, no more…

Not only will we achieve results together and have you feeling your best, but I will also empower you to take your health and fitness into your own hands, not to be tied to a personal trainer for months or years on end.

I am passionate about health, fitness, and helping people become the best version of themselves. This passion started at a young age, I played sports and competed internationally in Taekwondo throughout my childhood and teens, going on to teach Taekwondo to kids and adults in my mid/late teens.

Once I had some gym training experience under my belt, I began coaching family and friends for fun and found that I loved putting together workout plans, talking nutrition, and helping people feel and move better. Shortly after qualifying, I got my first job as a personal trainer working exclusively with small groups or single clients, training over 80 clients per week on average from beginner to advanced exercisers, gaining much valuable experience along the way and continuing to work in the industry for the last 6 years.

FOCUS Awards Level 2 Gym

Instructor certification
FOCUS Awards Level 3 Personal Training certification