Can I book consecutive time slots for the gym or the pool?

No, to ensure as many people as possible have equal opportunity to use our facilities it will only be possible to use an area for a single time slot per day.

Can I book a time slot in the pool after my time slot in the gym or vice versa?

Yes, it won’t be as smooth as finishing your workout and going straight through to poolside as we will need to register each person upon entry and verify their booking, but you can do one and then the other.

Can I book the gym and pool at the same time to make use of both in the same hour?

No. We have a lot more people to cater for than we can get to everyday with these restrictions in place. We ask that all our members respect everyone’s equal opportunity to get access to our facilities. If you’ve booked a pool spot but don’t intend to use it until the final minutes or to gain access to the showers after the gym, you have taken a 45 minute swim away from another person.

Why can’t I use the changing rooms/showers if I’m booked in for the gym?

When planning our overall capacity in terms of social distancing, we must base it off the smallest area. That for us is the changing rooms/showers. By splitting our user base into two separate groups (gym and swim) and only allowing one of those groups access to these areas it doubles our overall capacity. Not ideal but it allows us to cater to a lot more of you throughout the day.

How do I book a time slot?

Time slots for the gym will be booked on our app  http://member.activefitness.ie/  Bookings will open up a week in advance. On Mondays you will be able to book as far ahead as the coming Sunday. Booking for the pool will be done over the phone 091-381250.

Why is pool booking done over the phone?

The reason pool bookings will be done over the phone is because our app uses your membership ID (the 6 digits on your swipe key) to verify your account. As a large portion of our pool users are children who themselves won’t have a swipe key, the only way to efficiently get everyone booked is over the phone.

My time is up but I’m almost finished my workout, can I stay?

We will do our upmost to be as accommodating as possible in every scenario but the turnover between each time slot is to ensure staff can adequately sanitise and disinfect all areas. Only have a few reps left to do? Sure, knock them out. Anything more than that, we’ll need the space emptied to clean.

If there is an empty slot in an upcoming time slot that I haven’t booked for, can I use it?

For the gym, yes. We won’t know how popular/busy time slots will be until we open but if there is an empty slot, it will be made available on a first come, first served basis. In this scenario you will still need to exit the gym to ensure all areas are disinfected before returning to your workout in the next time slot. The same method will not work for the pool as there is a longer turnover and more to be cleaned by staff.

If I haven’t booked a time slot, can I come in anyway?

Yes but it in no way guarantees that we will be able to accommodate you. If you know or think there’s a chance you will be coming in, call or book. If you leave it until the day, you may only make it as far as the front desk.

Does the gym look much different with social distancing?

To adhere to social distancing, all our equipment has been adequately spaced out. This in turn means some equipment has unfortunately been removed or placed out of use. When possible, we have only done this with equipment where we can offer an alternative. All gym users will be encouraged to distance themselves from others during their workout. Water fountains will also be closed off during this time.

Will the changing rooms work differently?

To adhere to social distancing, we will be limiting the number of people granted access to the changing rooms. Once inside you will find that some benches have been closed off as they are too close to others or walkways, spacing markers will be in place in the event a queue has formed for the showers/toilet facilities and a one-way system will be encouraged in the male changing room.

Is the gym still 24 hours?

Yes, the gym will be open 24 hours. During the early hours of the morning, as these times are traditionally quieter, you will not be restricted to the standard 75-minute time slot, however, a strict overall number cap will still be in place. This policy will be reviewed if numbers increase.

Are the pool opening times any different?

Yes, our standard Monday to Friday is unchanged however we will open the pool earlier at weekends. The pool opening time of 8am has been changed to 6:30am to line up with the rest of the week. This will allow us to run an extra two, 45-minute, time slots throughout the day.

Can I bring a guest?

No, in a bid to cater to as many of our current members and guests of The Connacht Hotel as possible we will restrict any extra or external traffic.

Why am I having issues booking on the app?

As our app uses our membership organisation program to insure the account being booked is current, several issues may arise when trying to book a slot. These can vary from expired memberships, outstanding balances or your membership category (Pool only or Child category booking the gym) In the event you run into an issue, please call reception on 091 – 381250

Will Personal Training be available?

Studio 2 will be used exclusively by O’Raw fitness and their clients. This will have its own entrance, meaning you will not have to pass through reception to attend your appointment and are therefore not tied to the time slots available for standard gym use. Equipment has been made available to facilitate training, but clients may be brought into the gym for their session. This will be at the discretion of staff and dependant on overall numbers.

When will studio classes start back?

We will update our website and social media when we have more concrete details but at the moment it is looking like the New Year (still subject to change). Our timetable will still governed by social distancing guidelines so fewer classes will be available and will run with smaller groups.

When will swimming lessons start back?

Unfortunately, there is no sustainable way for us to run swimming lessons while there is a booking system and an overall capacity in place. We are hoping to offer these again as soon as possible and the times/days may need to be modified to suit the situation at the time.

I had paid for swimming lessons before closure, will they continue?

Yes, when we can finally offer swimming lessons again you can carry over any due lessons to the coming term. If however this doesn’t suit, please email acaulfield@activefitness.ie for refund details

Will I be able to book a fitness test or an induction with an instructor?

Unfortunately, with social distancing we will not be able to offer this service, but a staff member will be on hand in the gym to help with any questions you have as best they can.

Can I freeze my membership?

All memberships are frozen from the day we close due to lockdown and will remain so until we open. Upon opening, accounts will be made current to allow everyone to use the app to book time in our gym (account must be current to log on).

Once in the gym/pool, am I restricted in where I can go?

No, certain areas will be marked out in the gym and studio to maximise space but this does not mean you are limited to only being able to workout in that area. As long as social distancing is observed, feel free to train/swim wherever you feel comfortable.

How will areas/equipment be sanitised?

While the turnover period between groups for both the gym and pool are for the purpose of cleaning and sanitising high traffic areas and equipment, we will also be implementing a “member responsibility” policy. This will ensure that each member disposes of any tissue used during their workout, wipes down every piece of equipment used and has placed a towel on any bench or machine in use. These policies are in place to unsure the safety of all our members and staff and will be enforced if necessary.

What do I do if I’m not available/interested in coming back?

We understand that Covid-19 has muddied the water and things are different. In the event you wont be returning, please let us know so we can adjust your account accordingly.

I pay for membership through Direct Debit, do payments start straight away when you reopen?

Due to the fact we aim to take payments on the 8th, or nearest working day of the month, it has meant that many of you paid for time you didn’t get access to. This time will be added to your accounts before restarting any Direct Debits.