Author: Jason Mooney

I spend many of my weekends in a wrestling ring portraying a character, The Galway Grappler. I have performed across Ireland, the UK and Canada and I am the current IWW Zero Gravity Champion. Professional Wrestling or Pro Wrestling is a performance art which combines athletics with theoretical performance. Most people will say wrestling is fake and although the results are pre determined the result of been slammed on the mat or sometimes the floor is anything but fake. Like any athletes, wrestler’s train specifically for the stress that their sport puts on their bodies. I’m going to talk about the main elements that make up my training programme for a pro wrestling:

  1. Strength Training:

Wrestling requires explosive power, strength and endurance in order to execute wrestling moves safely and for the body to take all the punishment that goes with the sport.

  1. Cardiovascular Training:

Like any athlete, a wrestler needs to be in good cardio shape. HIIT training is best as represents a wrestling match scenario. A wrestling match usually has periods of quick action followed by periods of slower action.

  1. Core and Neck Strength

Good core strength decreases the likely hood of injury and helps you control your body when it’s been thrown in the air. Neck strength is very important as it decreases the likely hood of a concussion or the risk of injury if you land on your head.

  1. Recovery and Flexibility

Increased flexibility will just like in the last point decrease the chance of injury. Recovery is also hugely important as it is to any athlete or person who trains regularly. Not only do wrestler’s body gets put under stress while training and performing but they also spend a lot of time travelling between shows which can lead to the body seizing up.