Brendan O’Sullivan

Fitness / Class Instructor
Trainer Bio

Coming from a sports orientated family, I grew up playing hurling, rugby, Gaelic and soccer and I have spent many years coaching and assisting underage hurling for my local club.

I lived in New Zealand for two years where my passion for fitness and the gym culture really kicked off. I spent most of my time there in the gym which quickly became my new way of life and I spent a lot of time training with personal trainers and pro-bodybuilders. Having trained with these people I got inspired and wanted to work on my own physique. After leaving New Zealand I started a fitness course and I am now a fully qualified gym instructor. Since then, I’ve organised many fitness classes in my local community with kids ranging from 8 to 18 years of age and adults with various body compositions increasing their fitness and strength.  I’m very passionate about this industry and I hope to grow and improve and share my knowledge and skills.


NEFPC Fitness Instruction (EQF3)

Certified instructor in:


Kettlebell Training

Bootcamp / Circuit Classes

Step Aerobic

Personal Training